About us

We are a company dedicated to promoting business entrepreneurship in the micro and small business sector  in the state of Oregon and Washington, especially in the Latino community.

Based on a methodological program, our clients receive personalized technical assistance according to their needs, either for a small business venture that is working or a venture that is about to be built (in incubation).


By becoming strategic partners of our clients, they will guarantee their expected results, because GBX RESOURCES…

What is ATA?

It is the Accompaniment Technical Assistance program.


Establish methodological and conceptual development in business units formally classified as micro and small companies.

Support in the identification of the business to develop in people who are interested in starting their own business (incubators).


Build a positive transformation process that is maintained or guaranteed over time. This process is directly related to the company.

Also, building a process of structural transformation positively change cultural patterns. This process is directly related to the businessman and entrepreneur.


It is based on the personalized discipline of counseling, consulting, and business process advisory.

Works with content on business development, human development, and social development.

It is multi and interdisciplinary and uses specialized resources for the profitability of the business units.

What does ATA offer?

Personalized Technical Assistance for the development of micro and small businesses (both for those that are operating and for business ideas), includes


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